Monday, January 21, 2008

Long Term Evolution Internet Connectivity

It is being hyped as the Forth Generation Mobile Communications technology. It can be used for Wireless data Transfer of upto 170 MBits per second. A cool increase of over what WiMax can achieve. But WiMax covers a lot more distance of radious in connectivity.

But then there is little seen in term of adopting even 3G where developed nations like US lag behind with just 3G adoption till date. Even emerging countries like India are only thinking of adopting 3G services. The hindrances against adoption is in developed countries lack of initiative on the part of Developed countries as they have huge sunk funds in Retro Wireless technologies which makes it vested in going slow in adopting 4GL and LTE technologies.

India is one of the countries where such problem of locking of financial resources is not there as there are vaste swathes of virgin markets here , but then India has the problem of low Internet Awareness and PC penetration and Education.

As a rule Technology evolves at a rate faster than the Technology Adoption. With the prices of laptop and NB computers dropping fast I guess WiFi will be used by one and all in the time to come.

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SRKNET said...

Internet is the future and no doubt the connectivity and speed are soul of it however, application cost may not be much i.e. it always needs to be on lower side , which also means good for consumer but cut throat completion for suppliers. -