Sunday, April 13, 2014

Work Flow Automation & Parallelization : Hollywood Beckons

Now the Blockbuster Billion Dollar Trans formative Idea.Who is behind this one.Sony,Pinnacle Adobe? Uh Plan your post production before even starting shooting. Reduce your time to market in this age of super plagiarism.
Workflow automation,libraries & reuse.So U can go about it this way, by using internal or external API's to generate video effects,animation & transformation filter script which can be used to start planning your post production even before beginning any
shoot. Well say what parallelizing production & post production may be the next big thing in Hollywood & Bollywood.SO a internal or External programming api to create the script which can be applied to a video with sliders to adjust the transition spot.In case of External Programming API users can have flash style control on the movie clip. Libraries could be created for using in TV serial,or movies. Create scripts to automate your video editing process & composting.Now say what I write a program to splice my video using programming interface & create custom continuous effects with ease & make my movie unique & a stand out & Or provide both for flexibility.

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