Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google Strategy of Innovation

Just read the Tech Crunch blog post criticizing the Google Random innovation products not succeeding much.

But I think google is a winner by trying. Those who try find the treasure. Those who experiment , meet the success. They have the right soul, I am sure they have forgone billions in revenues due to those at the top helm.

Surely the free services google offers are better than many paid and many prefer these free services to those paid.

The recent smart phone quad core , for 200 dollars is another shot in their arm, as it challenged the market price dynamics and upsets the buying carts of many, with quad core processor now available to the many albeit at affordable price.

Most companies are selling such phones for $600.

I mean google is sure no wanderer.


kuldeep Walia said...

really nice one

kuldeep said...

really nice one