Monday, May 30, 2011

Affordable Computing

The price of Laptops and Smart phones are falling by each passing day. Today the cost of same gadgets and models have almost halved. So people who own a computing device are thinking of getting their siblings.

Also in India the trend is to bundle the OS with the laptop. Also the Open Source OS movement is picking up. Be it Android in Mobile OS or Linux in desktop or laptop space. All these factors are leading to a boom in the gadget market. With over 1,50,000 free apps available in the market for Android OS the Smart Phone market is growing at an blistering pace.

So your phone acts not only as your communication device , but a fun device with entertainment and gaming adding to the numerous other aspects it already helps you in. Cheap phones are available with GPRS and e-mail facility. Also social networking apps are built in. Messaging and Video conferencing is becoming a norm than an exception. So what are you waiting for.

This is the time to throw your old antique phone and go for an affordable high end stylish gizmo.

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