Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luxury at the Bottom Of Pyramid

There was time when a phone was a luxury a telecom connection was even a more luxury with call rates as high as 16 / min and you had to pay for incoming. Now phones are avialbale in India and elsewhere at $10.

Time is not far away when multilingual camera phone with high tech features will be available with even the poorest of poor maybe gifted by govt. to stay in touch and enable e-commerce and identification.

Marketing will take a whole U-Turn then with BOP families even in the rural hinterlands being available to tap to sell producst like micro-insurance and micro credit. There will be no need to set up offices every where and the customers would be as ubiquitous as there telecom handset.

Till then best of luck to all the product and service marketers trying the traditional and current alternate media.

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